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You have probably used portable restrooms at some point in your lifetime. They are a modern-day outhouse, also called Porta Johns. A portable toilet can be as lavish as a luxury restroom trailer rented for a movie set or as basic as the contained outdoor stall you will find at any concert. Do you want to rent a quality portable toilet for events? If yes, contact the finest supplier in Honesdale, PA – CeeJay'S Portable Restrooms Inc.! We will be more than happy to accommodate you with our dependable services!

What Services We Offer?

As a well-respected and renowned toilet supplier, we always strive to provide only the finest solutions to our valued clients in the Honesdale, PA area. We purchase only the finest products and offer them to you at the most affordable prices. Each portable toilet rental we provide is equipped with all the features required in order to work efficiently. We offer advice, estimates, consultations, as well as our services online, and provide reliable and timely on-site delivery services.

Why/When Would You Need Our Assistance?

Restroom rentals make or break the success of any event. When planning an outdoor event or setting up a construction site, you will already know that the right Porta Johns selection for your project means everything. There are countless occasions when you may find our products useful, including backyard parties, concerts, outdoor events, construction sites, parking lots, landfills, rest areas, campsites, etc. Our portable toilets have a long list of crowd-pleasing benefits as well. Some of them include convenience, waste sanitation, access to hand-washing stations, zero risks of clogging or plumbing issues, easy transport, affordable restroom alternatives, crowd control, etc.

How Do We Provide Our Services?

We are a detail-oriented team of professionals who always carefully consider our client’s unique needs and requirements. This helps us provide customized solutions that always deliver the end results our customers expect and deserve. We give rapid responses, free advice as well as estimates, and great seasonal and holiday promotions.

Do you want to find out what else CeeJay'S Portable Restrooms Inc. can offer you? Are you interested in learning more about our local business? If yes, contact our friendly representatives right away!


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Thanks again!

Thanks for the assistance! The two toilets I got from you were well-maintained and sanitized. Excellent service! I highly recommend you to other... Read More Reviews

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